1. Does a club have to submit a bulk order?

No individuals within the club can order and pay directly as many items as they like.

2. I can’t get correct format of our logo for embroidery – what do I do?

E-mail all logo files you have and we can work out best way to proceed.  It will cost you nothing for us to have a look and see what we have to work with and try and avoid set up costs.

3. The shop won’t give us copy of the embroidery file, can I do anything?

If you paid for a set up cost when you first went to the shop then the file is yours.  Some charge anything from $50 to $100 to have file formatted for embroidery.  However some wave this cost if your initial order was over a certain amount so you will need to check.

4. How can we be sure our logo will look the same as we have had done in the past?

It is best to provide us with an item that has your logo embroided on it – it doesn’t matter if it is worn. We can also provide you with a sample prior – but keep in mind this affects the turn around time.

5. How do I know if you have my clubs logo on file?

We ask all clubs if they are happy for us to publish the clubs full name on our website for members to order directly through us.  To view this list click here If your club name doesn’t appear here drop us an e-mail as we may hold the logo but club has requested it not be published.

6. Can you offer discounts for large orders?

If the club wants to order more than 50 of one item (this can be of mixed sixes) then we can look at discounts.  This is the minimum number suppliers will offer us discounts.

7. I don’t have time to go though supplier catalogues.

We have put together a small sample of popular items that sporting and equestrian clubs order.  We can e-mail this to you if you like.

8. Do you have samples we can view?

Depending on the item we do carry samples of some things.  Please contact us and we can advise on this.

9. Can I collect my items rather than post?

Yes we are based in Gisborne Victoria and are happy to nominate a place in township for collection of items if you would like to save on postage.